LINGTYP mailing list

The Association for Linguistic Typology has a popular discussion list, LINGTYP. It is open for ALT members, and others interested in the study of diversity linguistics. You can join it here and read previous messages in the archives here.

If you are having trouble joining the list, contact the webmaster. Administrators work to keep spammers out, and this may cause issues for joining members.

ALT online

cropped-logoengraverbenguiat93_b_3.jpgYou can now follow ALT on facebook and twitter. Please use the tag #lingtyp if you are writing about the association or meeting online. There is also a Facebook event you can attend. We will be posting updates about the meeting and association in these channels and via mail to registered attendees. Follow us if you want to be in the loop!

Here is our official website, where you can join as a member and subscribe to our popular mailing list (LINGTYP).

This year, the 12th biennial meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology will be held at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia from 12th to 14th December. The meeting of 2017 will be hosted by the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL) in Canberra. The website for the 2017 meeting is here.  You can view the programme, register etc. there. You can also follow CoEDL on twitter and Facebook.