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“Word Hunters: Field linguists on fieldwork” for review

Hi everyone, is there anyone who would like to review the following book for “Linguistic Typology”?

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Masha (Maria) Koptjevskaja Tamm

Word Hunters
Field linguists on fieldwork

Hannah Sarvasy | The Australian National University
Diana Forker | University of Jena

In Word Hunters, eleven distinguished linguists reflect on their career-spanning linguistic fieldwork. Over decades, each has repeatedly stood up to physical, intellectual, interpersonal, intercultural, and sometimes political challenges in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. These scholar-explorers have enlightened the world to the inner workings of languages in remote communities of Africa (West, East, and South), Amazonia, the Arctic, Australia, the Caucasus, Oceania, Siberia, and East Asia. They report some linguistic eureka moments, but also discuss cultural missteps, illness, and the other challenges of pursuing linguistic data in extreme circumstances. They write passionately about language death and their responsibilities to speech communities. The stories included here—the stuff of departmental and family legends—are published publicly for the first time.
[John Benjamins, Studies in Language Companion Series, 194] 2018. vi, 177 pp.
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