Greenberg Award

The Joseph Greenberg Award was named to remember Joseph Greenberg’s (1915-2001) fundamental contributions to typology and the interest he showed in encouraging young researchers. Between 1998 and 2006, it was known as the “ALT Junior Award”.

Past Award Recipients and Honourable Mentions

 2017  2015  2013 2009 2007 2005 2001 1999  

Award Recipient 

Ksenia Shagal (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Towards a typology of participles

Award Recipient 

Katarzyna Janic (Université Lumirère Lyon 2, France)
L’antipassif dans les langues accusatives (The antipassive in accusative languages)

Award Recipient 

Eva van Lier (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Parts of speech and dependent clauses: a typological study

Honourable Mention
Natalia Stoynova (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
2012. Типология глагольных показателей рефактива: модели полисемии и структура семантической зоны (Typology of the verbal markers of refactive: Polysemy patterns and structure of the semantic zone)

Honourable Mention
Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany)
2010. Typological variation in grammatical relations.

Award Recipient 

Caterina Mauri (University of Pavia, Italy)
Coordination relations in the languages of Europe and beyond

Honourable Mention
Jan Wohlgemuth (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)
A Typology of Verbal Borrowing

Award Recipient
Aleksandr Arkhipov (Moscow State University, Russia)
Tipologija komitativnyx konstrukcij
(Typology of comitative constructions)

Honourable Mentions
Valentin Gousev (Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistics, Moscow, Russia)
Tipologija specializirovannyx glagol’nyx form imperativa
(Typology of dedicated verbal forms of the imperative)

Olesya Khanina (Moscow State University, Russia)
Jazykovoe oformlenie situacii želania (opyt tipologičeskogo issledovania)
(Linguistic encoding of ‘wanting’: a typological approach)

René Schiering (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Cliticization and the Evolution of Morphology: a Cross-linguistic Study on Phonology in Grammaticalization)

Award Recipient 
Matti Miestamo (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Clausal negation: a typological study

Honourable Mentions
Oliver Iggesen (Universität Bremen, Germany)
Case-asymmetry: a world-wide typological study on lexeme-class-dependent deviations in morphological case inventories

Hsiu-chuan Liao (University of Hawai’i, USA)
Transitivity and ergativity in Formosan and Philippine languages

Adam Saulwick (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Aspect of the verb in Rembarrnga: a polysynthetic language of northern Australia

Award Recipients 
Michael Cysouw (Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
The paradigmatic structure of person marking

Michael Daniel (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia)
Tipologija associativnoj množestvennosti
(The typology of associative plurality)

Honourable Mention
Elena Filimonova (Lomonosov University, Russia, 1999)
Universal’nye anomalij licnyx mestoimenij
(Universal anomalies of personal pronouns)

Award Recipients
Konstantin Kazenin (Moscow State University, Russia)
Sintaksičieskie ograničenija i puti ix ob’jasnenija (na materiale dagestanskix jazykov)
(“Syntactic constraints and ways of explaining them (based on Daghestanian languages)”)

Sergej Tatevosov (Moscow State University, Russia)
Typological problems of quantification in natural language (based on quantifiers expressing totality)

Honourable Mentions
Sonia Cristaforo (University of Pavia, Italy)

Holger Diessel (University at Buffalo, USA)
Demonstratives in crosslinguistic and diachronic perspective

Ekaterina Ljutikova (Moscow State University, Russia)
Intensifikatory i tipologija reflexiva
(“Intensifiers and the typology of reflexives“)

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